Sainte Courtisane draws the contours of contemporary femininity. in a free and serene posture.
The French brand founded in 2013 by Laura Bihl offers a wardrobe of unique pieces based on formal research and the refinement of details.

If to define the signature, it is tempting to borrow Constantin Brancusi's formula "Simplicity is resolute complexity", Sainte Courtisane draws her inspiration from the tactile space opened up by the materials and the multitude of technical challenges to be met in order to sophisticate the apparent modesty of a detail.

The cloakroom is made up of noble simple pieces for wear and lasting pleasure.
The look, imbued with a way of life, promotes local manufacturing and French know-how.

Pragmatic elegance, reasoned audacity, Sainte Courtisane declines the idea of everyday clothing for liberated women. Sainte Courtisane is also an insolent oxymoron.
Influential, independent and cultured, the body and the free spirit, saint and courtesan are timeless figures who know how to inhabit their paradoxes. "The Holy Courtesan" is an unfinished play by Oscar Wilde because it was forgotten in a taxi.